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Image:Bartolomeo Borghesi - Imagines philologorum.jpg|thumb|right|Bartolomeo Borghesi '''Bartolomeo''' (also '''Bartolommeo''') '''Borghesi''' (11 July 178116 April 1860) was an Italian people|Italian antiquarian who was a key figure in establishing the science of numismatics. He was born at Savignano sul Rubicone|Savignano, near Rimini, and studied at Bologna and Rome. Having weakened his eyesight by the study of documents of the Middle Ages, he turned his attention to epigraphy and numismatics. At Rome he arranged and cataloged several collections of coins, amongst them those of the Vatican City|Vatican, a task which he undertook for Pope Pius VII. In consequence of the disturbances of 1821, Borghesi retired to San Marino, where he died in 1860. Although mainly an enthusiastic student, he was for some time ''podestà'' of the little republic. His monumental work,...
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